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How To: Optimize Minecraft

Cute Minecraft

Oh Minecraft! If only you were well optimized!

Hey guys! It’s MitchellCM here with the first article on the Tasty Lick Networks brand-spanking new Minecraft blog, Steve’s Dig. I thought it would be nice to write about a problem which unfortunately plagues lots of Minecraft players including myself, getting a decent FPS whilst playing Minecraft. Throughout this article I will show you how to get better FPS by tweaking program settings, adjusting Minecraft settings and even directly modding Minecraft. Just a note, this whole article is based around optimizing Minecraft for a computer that is running Windows, so unfortunately if you are running Minecraft on another platform I cannot help you out. Sorry about that.

Step 1: The Four Big No No’s.

Just before you play Minecraft make sure you are not breaking these four golden rules! Breaking just one of these rules can severely impact your Minecraft’s FPS!

  • Do not play Minecraft on the “Power Saver” power plan. Make sure you play on either “Balanced” for better performance or “High Performance” for even better performance. But a word of warning, playing on High Performance will make your computer eat up a lot of power, keep that in mind if you are playing Minecraft off a laptop!
  • Do not have any other applications/programs open whilst you play Minecraft (For example: Skype, Steam, Web-Browser or any other programs) Every single program you have open is fighting over precious “Computer Power”, the more programs fighting for this precious power means the less that each program gets. Playing Minecraft with no other programs open allows Minecraft to freely have all the Computer Power to itself.
  • Make sure your vanilla Minecraft graphic options panel looks exactly like this, it wont make the game look very flash, but it will give you some precious Frames Per Second.

The Vanilla Minecraft video-settings. Make sure your settings look similar to this!


  • Do not play Minecraft with resource-packs that have a resolution higher than 16 x 16, The higher a packs resolution the more “Computer Power” needed to make it work. Still want to play Minecraft with a resource-pack? I suggest you create your own custom 16 x 16 Painterly Pack!

Making sure you follow these 4 simple rules will give you a very nice FPS boost. Wooh!

Step 2: Update, Update, Update, Update!!!


Minecraft runs on Java. The latest Java version is #7.

I highly recommend that you make sure you have the latest versions of the below programs. When a program updates it generally comes with some really nice added performance increases. These updating programs below will not directly help you get better Frames Per Second in Minecraft, but updating them will very likely make them run much smoother and efficiently with reduced CPU and memory usage. The less processing power these programs use the more Minecraft can use!

Update to the latest version of Java.

  • This is fairly easy to do and Minecraft and even many other games and applications that run on Java can benefit a lot from you updating your Java version. Click here to go through the official process of checking that you have the latest Java version and updating you to the latest if you do not.

Update your graphics card.

  • Updating your graphics card can make it run much more efficiently which means there will be more “Computer Power” for Minecraft and all your other programs to use, it also means it may run much smoother and cooler with much less overheating issues. There are so many different graphic card providers out there and unfortunately there is no single website you can go onto to magically update your graphics driver. I recommend you check out Microsoft’s Frequently Asked Questions page on graphics cards (video cards) and how to go about updating them.

Step 3: Install OptiFine!

I saved the best to last! OptiFine is a Minecraft Optimization Mod. It is know to commonly double, yes, double your current vanilla Minecraft’s FPS, that is incredible!

Playing Minecraft without OptiFine?NOPE!!! Seriously though, make sure you install OptiFine.

Playing Minecraft without OptiFine?NOPE!!! Seriously though, make sure you install OptiFine.

But that is not all! It also provides some nifty features such as smoother chunk loading, High-Definition font and texture support and it adds many customizable graphic options into the vanilla video settings menu. To get OptiFine you can head over here to download it and find out how to install it. OptiFine also has a website where you can find out a bit more about OptiFine.




If you have any questions about this article or if you have a suggestion please feel free to post below and I will get back to you very quickly.


Editors Note: Hey guys, thank you for reading this article, I really appreciate it. This may not be up to scratch as this is the first article I have written, but I assure you the quality of the articles will get better and better, but hey, it is an ok starting-point.

Tasty Lick Presents: Steve’s Dig, a Minecraft Blog!

Hey look! It's me, MitchellCM in minecraft!

Hey look! It’s me, MitchellCM in minecraft!

Hey guys! It’s Mitchell here with some great news. I am glad to announce Steve’s Dig, a minecraft blog that is run by myself and the other guys on the Tasty Lick Team. The aim of Steve’s Dig will be to keep you guys updated on the latest news to do with the world of minecraft. Content we put onto Steve’s Dig can very from articles on recent updates, news, suggestions, tutorials, community content and even reviews of servers, mods, maps and even minecraft fan-art. We will also provide you with some helpful resources that have to do with the more technical side of minecraft such as mod installation and remedies to common and recent minecraft problems/errors.

Going on from my last post, I am glad to say that we are making great progress on both our skyblock video and real life short-film, both of these videos will be relased very soon on our YouTube channel. We will inform you when both these videos are out.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned, we have a nice amount of content coming to both our Tasty Lick site and Steve’s Dig minecraft blog very soon!

The Dawn of the Tasty Lick Era!

On behalf of the Tasty Licks Team I am glad to announce that tastylick.net is now fully functioning and ready to get filled with content! Wooh!

As of now we two pieces of content being worked on by our team to get the ball rolling. First off we have a David Attenborough style documentary about the awkward life of a teenager and we also have a nice little Minecraft Machinima known as “10 Ways To Epically Fail At Skyblock.”

Tasty Lick's 10 ways to epically fail at Skyblock. Coming Soon to a YouTube near you.

Tasty Lick’s 10 ways to epically fail at Skyblock. Coming Soon to a YouTube near you.

These two pieces will be published on both our YouTube channel and on this website. In our blog section of the site we will also be posting articles and reviews on many different topics ranging from video games to technological news and breakthroughs.

Our community is very important to us so please make sure you register on our site so you can comment on all our blog posts and so you can even post your own fan-art/content/videos on our community forum. We are also always looking for ways to improve our site so do not be hesitant to suggest ways to improve our site on the forums.

Thank you for reading our first post and lets hope that the Tasty Lick Team and our community has a very bright future ahead of us!

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